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1st XI

2018/19 Season Review

Captains Message

Welcome to the 1s, my name is Louis and I will be the 1s captain for the 20/21 season. 

Next year, the first team will play in the Midlands Premier league on Saturdays and also in the ???? Bucs league on Wednesday afternoons. We train twice a week on our water-based pitch and, as we are a part of Warwick Performance sport, we have two additional training sessions each week. One of those sessions is in the gym focusing on power and strength and the other focuses on sprinting technique and endurance.

Joining the club has been great for me in so many different ways, if you live in the most boring accommodation, where everyone is a hermit and never goes out, the club will be there for you week in week out, with socials, training and matches to keep your uni experience interesting. Even if the people you live with are semi-interesting, they won’t be able to beat a night out with hockey, trust me. During my time in the first team, I’ve had the opportunity to meet lots of new people in UWMHC and to go to plenty of socials and events that I would have missed out on had I not decided to join the club. Should you have any questions about hockey, pre-season training or just anything generally, my full name is Louis Forshaw-Perring and you can contact me on Facebook, by email at, or any way you see fit really.