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2020/20+1 Season Review

2nd XI

Captains Message

Hey everyone, I’m Max Bleby, you’ll hear me be called Bleby or you can call me Max and I’ll be captain for the 2s this season. A bit about me - I’m a 4th year maths student, played 4s as a fresher, 3s as a 2nd year and 2s last year. Being old, I’m the only captain to have been on more than a handful of BUCS away days, so as a fresher you should be aiming for the 2s.

We train every Monday and Friday evening with weekly games in our regional club league on Saturdays (tough, high quality games) and games most Wednesdays against other universities in the BUCS league (very competitive, most important games). The trainings are a great way to get out, escape your work and get to know people outside your flat. Through all the trainings, games and socials, it’s likely that the people you meet here will become some of your best mates at uni. From experience, most of my best memories at uni are being a fresher and bonding over things you wouldn’t normally think bonding would involve…

Despite a couple of years ago being the start of Covid, the hockey season I had in the 3s made my year. The foundations were a solid group of old boys who welcomed a bunch of fun fresh and everyone enjoyed the season as a result. I aim to do my best to replicate this to make sure that the 2s is the team the rest of the club looks at, wishing they were a part of. Fortunately for you, we already have a group of good 3rd and 4th years, albeit some questionable 2nd years, who you can take comfort in the fact they will be as fresh as anyone else joining.

Hopefully this has encouraged you to give hockey a go and if so, I’d recommend coming to preseason to get a taster. Even if you’re not 2s immediately but enjoy the social side, hopefully knowing that I’ve gone from 4s to 2s gives you some reason to stick with it. If you have any questions about preseason, hockey in general or uni life, don’t hesitate to email me at or get in touch through our social media.

Aye aye the chirps,

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