Team Chirps (2 XI) season review

Team Chirps came into the 18/19 season safe in the knowledge they had left all defensive frailties within their side behind and the new crop of young fresh talent would guide the team to certain glory in the forthcoming season. Deadweight was shipped off to a variety of locations (TGAL, JP Morgan and SE Asia to name a few) and this helped the side race to top of their BUCS league after 9 points from a possible 9. MRHA form wasn't quite as spectacular and the side where top of one whilst simultaneously bottom of the other. Surely this difference in form couldn't last forever? Consistency was achieved when a 9-2 thrashing at the hands of Nottingham Uni led to a 20+1 game winless streak that saw the BUCS title hopes change to murmurs of "let's just do better than last year" and MRHA devolved into madness, eventually concluding with POTS Tom Syndercombe going in goal, and almost POTS Ewan Rowlands getting told off for shouting at someone. Despite the disappointing end to the season, the team managed to achieve the highest BUCS finish in their history when Cov beat Brum on the last day (cheers lads) and they miraculously avoided relagation from MRHA. It's been a thoroughly enjoyable season and best of luck to Slab who will hopefully manage to balance his imminent transfer to Manchester United with the impossible task of following in my footsteps. Tobby xoxo

© 2019 Charlie Brew

© 2018 Photos by Tim Nunan