Team Chirps (2 XI) season review

The chirps season started with optimism with goals of competing for promotion in BUCS and being more competitive in MRHA; this optimism quickly changed with losing to joint bottom of the league last year in MRHA in Coalville, then getting a spanking (not the kind I enjoy) by Brookes 2’s in BUCS. More results worse than Condoms chat lead to revised goals of staying up in both BUCS and MRHA. Both of these were starting to look more and more unlikely by the week until a glorious rainy afternoon in term 1 saw us batter the poly 5-1 for our first points of the season. This meant by the end of the term even though we hadn’t had any success against the old men things were looking up for the chirps. On Dom Tour Louis was so irritated by condoms dreadful zoo chat that he decided to two foot tackle him on an ice rink which was frankly deserved. Malik my balls found his love for cone pints as well on this trip. After January we finally figured out how to play against old men when we finally drew away to Coalville (genuine season highlight in MRHA). We had two more big victories in BUCS firstly against Aston, secondly against Notts to stop their prosecco promotion party (massive virgin move from them). This has kept us up in BUCS meaning all in all it could’ve gone a lot worse. I’d like to congratulate Rahul on getting player of the season and Ket21 on a close second. Thanks to all the leavers but please let go next year – look what it has done to Mullins hair line, you do not want that! Any way I look forward to knocking the 1’s out of the cup next year.

Slab x.

© 2020 Harry Weaver

© 2018 Photos by Tim Nunan