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2020/20+1 Season Review

3rd XI

Captains Message

Welcome to the 3rd XI of University of Warwick Men’s Hockey Club. My name is Myles and I am the captain of the team for the 19/20 season. I am a 4th Year History student and have played for the 3s last year.

The 3rd XI plays to a very good standard, with the team in the South East Prem in the MRHA setup on Saturdays, and the Midlands 3A in the inter-university leagues on Wednesdays. Although we are not the best hockey players in the club, we are all highly competitive and determined to show our skills and ability. We train twice a week, with our own coach who takes charge of 3rd and 4th team training sessions. Many of our players are often called to play for higher teams, such is the good level of our squad.


Away from the pitch, Team Plot/Darb is well known throughout the club as being very socially active, and being the most fun team in the club. We love attending the weekly club Circles, which are always memorable nights (or not!)On top of that, we regularly have our own team socials, which are more casual affairs within the team, but often become some of the best nights we have at Uni (the rest of the club gets very jealous).


This season, I believe that we can build on a very productive year last season and really push for promotion from our MRHA league. We keeping hold of a very talented group of players and our experiences last year will really motivate us to get results week in, week out. Our BUCS league is more challenging; with our opponents including a very strong Nottingham University side as well as both Derby and Harper Adams 1st XIs. Overall I am really looking forward to this season and can’t wait to get started.


Hockey has been such a defining part of my University experience, and I honestly don’t know what I would have done with my time without it. The club community and friendships I have made have been amazing, and I would encourage anyone who is unsure of what sport to play or society to join, to give the UWMHC a go, and maybe you’ll be joining the Mighty 3s!

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