Team Darb (3 XI) season review

The start of the 18/19 season was a positive one winning multiple MRHA games in a row, the fresh coming in and adding to the teams dynamic. This all led to possibly the best game of the season against Brum 5’s, in which the team performed to an outstanding level, players like Per and Amhar slotting in two to win the game in an amazing fashion. With the departure of Amhar to the 2’s led to a run of losses where the forwards struggled to put away goals and the defence crumbled before any attack. But with a break over Christmas brought new energy to the 3rds, as well as more fresh from the 4’s and 2’s. The 3’s only lost 5 games in the second part of the season in both MRHA and BUCS, we dominated in games against teams like Melton 2’s where we won convincingly and players such as Per stood out with quality scores. Players who previously were playing poorly stepped up and helped push the Sex to a quality end of the season. Both fresh and old boys were playing great hockey in MRHA and BUCS and finished on a well-earned draw against Brum 5’s away. The 18/19 season was tough one with many ups and downs, hopefully we can recreate some of the brilliance we saw this year in the next 19/20 season.

© 2019 Charlie Brew

© 2018 Photos by Tim Nunan