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2020/20+1 Season Review

4th XI

Captains Message

Hi, I’m James, and I will be the 4th team captain for the 2020+1/22 season. I’m going into my third year of mechanical engineering, and I decided to join UWMHC at the start of my second year.

What can you expect when joining UWMHC? Well, firstly from a purely hockey perspective, we train twice weekly on Monday and Friday, and play matches every Wednesday and Saturday. With BUCS matches being played on the Wednesday, and MHRA games on the Saturday. It’s worth mentioning that while the 4’s are known as a more social team, we do still play competitive hockey, and so you will have every opportunity to improve as a player, and get the all important hockey merch. Players do often move up and down the teams, so you will be given the opportunity to move up to the 3’s if you wanted to do so (although I can’t see why you would).

From a social perspective, we often have team curries after our Saturday games, as well as various other socials and nights out. There is also a weekly Wednesday night club social where you’ll get to know the lads from some of the other teams. And throughout all 3 terms there will be various opportunities to build (or burn) bridges with members of the ladies club, or members of other sports teams. Again its worth mentioning that the club can be whatever you want it to be. Whether you drink or not, socials are always optional, and if you’re only interested in playing hockey, we’d still love to have you.

In just one year the club has become a massive part of my uni life and in what has been a relatively quiet year for the club due to all the restrictions, it has still been great fun. If you have any questions at all about the club, do please get in contact. I’d encourage anyone who’s thinking about it to come and give it a go, it really is worth it. And whatever you do, don’t join mixed.

Aye Aye the Value
James x

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