The Value (4 XI)  season review

So the season came and went and it was very much a mixed bag for the Value. Before Christmas, the Value were a dangerous team. Highlights included 9-0 and 5-0 wins and a jammy 1-1 draw against top of the MRHA league.
After Christmas we were a different team, morale was low and we couldn't seem to keep a lead. This was embodied by us being hugely rattled against Cov and drawing.
Then came our last away day of the season. We were to play Northampton 1s, top of the league, unbeaten, 2 ex-England under 16 players. We started as expected, conceding a sloppy goal. For once our heads didn't go down. With Jamie and Archie in charge of body checks for the day, we secured 2 big rattles and this paved the way for our first goal. Farquharson sends a pin point 50m metre pass to Chaz Michael Michaels who sets up Jude Smitherines to tap it in. Half time, 1-1, momentum is with us, we smell blood. The second half starts and the value are defending solidly in midfield and catching them on the break. This was perfectly embodied by Harry Hudson who picks up the ball and goes on a barn-storming run, beating 'at least 4 men', leading to a short. Hudson slides the ball past the keeper who seemed unable to keep his kickers on the ground. 2-1. Surely it can't be. Then, two minutes after the restart, a ball gets sent into the D by Chrith. Their keeper shouts leave it BUT Harry Weaver, the 'shittest utility player of all time', was about to write his name into Value folklore as he taps the ball in at the front post. 3-1 to the Value.There’s only one thing for it, time to play the A1, Brexitball hockey that we know and love. This meant green cards for Harry, Jude, Chris, Robson and a yellow for myself for my second best shoulder hit of the season. They scored however their it didn’t matter. The final whistle blew, 3-2 to the value- we were now top of the league. This was the value's on pitch highlight of the season and meant that, in the end, we missed out on promotion by 1 point. MRHA was less successful and saw us finish in the bottom half.
As ever, next year is our year and I wish Chris the best of luck with his captaincy. It's been a pleasure boizqus, aye, aye the Value.
Much love 

© 2020 Harry Weaver

© 2018 Photos by Tim Nunan