CHArity endeavours


The new year started exactly where we left off, as the UWMHC raise £546 during Dry Jan/Veganuary, largely thanks to Anish Amin who made excellent contributions to our fundraising efforts throughout the entire year. January also saw the return of the annual Talent Show, where we once again partnered up with the UWLHC to raise money for our respective charities. Our teams competed to show off their ‘talents’ to the rest of the club, which made for a fantastic evening with lovely some exhibitions of a diverse range of talents (or lack of). However, where success may have lacked on the stage was certainly made up on the fundraising front as we raised a total £252, with that being split between MIND and the UWLHC’s charity.


The end of term 2 once more provided another opportunity for both us and the UWLHC to add to what was already an astonishing fundraising total for the season during the hockey ball raffle. With some excellent prizes up for grabs, our members were keen to get involved as we raised a remarkable £135.78 each for our respective charities.


With term 3 and exams (*sighhh*) now in full swing, one may have expected our fundraising efforts to dip, however at UWMHC we are all for keeping fit and what better way to do that than running the Shakespeare Half Marathon for MIND. Our excellent runners spent the Easter holidays preparing for a scenic run around Stratford-Upon-Avon and its surrounding countryside, whilst trying revise at the same time! The boys outstanding effort sure paid off as they all completed the run in under 2 hours, whilst raising a staggering £792.90. Great job lads!


The year concluded with UWMHC & UWLHC running our annual summer charity hockey tournament, as we were joined by 200 competitors, who played in over 70 games on a lovely summer’s day, to mark the end of a fantastic year. Not only did we have an enjoyable day, but we raised more than £600 pounds to be split between MIND and the UWLHC’s charity. Thank you to all our guests who turned up to the event and to the UWLHC who have worked with us to run some amazing events throughout the year and most importantly raise an incredible amount of money for some fantastic charities!


All in all, the 2018/19 season has been a resounding triumph in the charity perspective, with us having raised more than £3500 for our fantastic charities throughout the season. Not only did we raise a remarkable amount, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves while doing so. I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who got involved in our fundraising efforts and especially to Chris Mullins and Matt Barrett, who worked tirelessly in organising our fundraising events throughout the year with great success!


We hope you all have a restful and enjoyable summer and we hope to fundraise even more money for our amazing charities next with some exciting events lined up!


On the 23rd June, the UWMHC and UWLHC held our annual Charity Hockey Tournament, this year in aid of MIND & CRASAC!. There was a massive turnout with over 20 teams from a variety of different sports clubs across campus. 

Overall we raised an incredible £600, which will be split between the two charities. We hope that everyone had an enjoyable day and a big thank you to everyone for getting invovled and helping support MIND & CRASAC!.

Lastly, we would like to say a massive thank you to Amhar Nyab and Anastasia Arghyrou for organising the event as well as Tim Nunan for the photos!

© 2019 Charlie Brew

© 2018 Photos by Tim Nunan