Hello all. I’m Haaris Malik, the club captain for the 21/22 season.

Hopefully you are reading this because you either have already confirmed your place at Warwick or you are considering Warwick as your future university. I would strongly recommend anyone who is interested in playing hockey or just wants to be part of a club with an extremely active social scene to join the men’s hockey club. We are one of the highest performing clubs on campus but we also have 4 teams so there will be a team for you that matches your abilities, even for people who have never picked up a stick before.

Preseason is open to everyone, regardless of the level you have played at previously. We start on the 6th September for those who may be considering playing for the 1st team or 2nd team and preseason will be open to everyone else the following week. If you can’t join us for these early dates then that’s okay and it will be fine to join part way through. We will be on the pitch almost daily and be having many support sessions alongside such as fitness, recovery and tactical. During this period we will be playing some matches with other unis and going on our annual preseason tour. For this tour we travel to a host university in another city and it will consist of a day of matches followed by a social with is always great fun.

Obviously preseason starts before term and you may be thinking where would I stay? And the answer to that is that you can stay with one of the current club members, most likely in Leamington Spa. This works great as you get to experience what Leamington is like and meet some of the members of the club. Then when it is your time to move into your accommodation a couple of us can help move your stuff in if needed.

I really wouldn’t be anxious about how good you may be. We are not too worried about how good anybody is. We are more interested in people coming and having a good time and being able to put you in the right team from the get go. So, don’t worry about the level of hockey you may have previously played, if you are interested in joining the club and or coming to preseason email me at or contact me on our Facebook page and I will gladly answer any questions you have about preseason or the men’s hockey club at Warwick.